One of the grittiest war dramas in recent history is now available on DVD!

The long-awaited China Beach TV Series, in all 4 seasons of its glory, can now be purchased in one complete DVD set.

China Beach, produced by William Broyles Jr, ran for a total of 4 seasons and 62 episodes from 1988 to 1991. Named after the My Khe Beach in Vietman, it portrayed a true, unabashed view of the Vietnam War set mainly in the 510th Evacuation Hospital. Fans of war dramas should certainly NOT give this a miss.

With an unprecedented attention to detail and most importantly realism, China Beach told a story more authentic than many of its predecessors, and remains one of the most realistic war dramas ever produced.

The star-studded cast also put forth great performances during China Beach's 4-season run, culminating in Dana Delaney collecting an Emmy Award for Best Actress in 1992. Other members of the cast included Michael Boatman as SP4 Samuel Beckett, Marg Helgenberger as Karen Charlene 'KC' Koloski, and Robert Picardo as Captain Dick Richard.

View the Vietnam War from another, much-neglected, realistic perspective with China Beach the TV Series.

Get the Gritty War Drama China Beach in 1 Complete DVD set Today!

Complete DVD Set of China Beach (all 4 Seasons, 62 Episodes) Available Today.

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This is the popular and much acclaimed "China Beach" TV series. Dana Delany has the role of her life playing Colleen McMurphy, a dedicated triage nurse in Vietnam. This is not a war action movie, but rather a drama about the lives of Vietnam soldiers and the nurses, Red Cross "Donut Dollies", and USO entertainers who are there for them.
- Johnny - Nashville, TN

I just wanted to express my sincere thanks to everyone associated with this series. I have seen it before, and watching it again on The History Channel reminds me how important it was. I am a 36 year old American Male. Without this show I never would have had the desire to learn about Vietnam. The show inspired me to take on a bit of effort and learn some things for myself. It is sad that a television show had to inspire me to learn about my country's history.
Jay - Colorado, USA

China Beach was a great show and I can't believe that the series has not been put on DVD. We can get so many shows that are mediocre with no problem. I hope the executives realize what a gem they have and release it for everyone to see.
Kelly - New York, USA

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about 2 days ago
By far, this is one of the best Drama shows ever put on Television. The writing was amazing and the cast was top notch. Why Delaney and Helgenburger didnt become Huge Movies stars after this show, I do not know.

about 2 days ago
War is never pleasant no matter where it is. After 10 years at war, it is time for the US citizens to be reminded of real war: its effects and life in the field.

about 4 days ago
As a former nurse who spent most of her career in critical care, I found China Beach to be the most honest depiction of the reality of nursing ever filmed.